Having Dataware take care of the physical server hardware might be a good thing for your company. Our clients who let us manage the hardware gain an experienced support staff and additional security, while cutting back on the amount of climate-controlled space which they need at their facilities.

Most businesses which manage their own servers have fixed bandwidth contracts. That is, they will agree to pay the telecom company a certain amount for a given level of data throughput. This works well until there are rapid increases in the need for bandwidth. Here at Dataware, we can handle irregular spikes in traffic without going back to the telecom company and asking for more bandwidth. On purpose, we choose not to oversubscribe our available bandwidth—allowing our clients room for spikes as well as room to grow.

Our clients have full control of their servers using terminal services or other remote access software. Should any assistance be needed, Dataware staff is available.

Whether a client needs space for a single server or several server cabinets, we can meet that need.

• Secure, climate-controlled facility
• Available support staff
• Simple expansion options
• 24/7 access to servers