Sometimes it makes sense for a company to own and manage its servers, sometimes it doesn’t.  Here at Dataware, we have several hard-core Windows and Linux administrators who like nothing better than keeping systems up and optimally configured. By using us to set up and manage servers, our clients are able to devote more of their business resources to whatever helps to differentiate them from the competition: their core business practices.

If a company already outsources server maintenance, Dataware’s managed servers solution is the next step. As with our other services, our managed servers solution allows our clients to reduce their overhead by gaining access to technical skills which are often expensive to employ directly.

When a company uses our managed servers solution, we are able to focus on prevention of problems before they occur—rather than dealing with issues after the fact. What better way to help our clients’ bottom line?

• Platform configuration and maintenance
• Data/System backup and recovery
• Application and system monitoring
• Virtual environments
• 24/7 support