Our hosting solutions can be set up to handle just about anything you might need, whether your company has an internal application which is used by a half-dozen employees, a public website which sees 10 million visitors a day, or your disaster recovery/business continuity plan requires that you place certain systems outside the company network.

Dedicated Hosting

This is usually the best choice for the largest and most complex systems or for those systems which require strict isolation from other systems. We can provide dedicated hosting on managed or un-managed servers (often called co-located servers). Hosting on managed servers means that Dataware keeps the systems up-to-date with operating system and application updates. If you host on an un-managed server, then your IT personnel are responsible for keeping the software current. Even when you have an un-managed server setup, however, Dataware staff are available to assist if necessary.

For a dedicated hosting environment, you can either provide us with the hardware you already have or we can work with you to procure the necessary hardware and then set up and configure it for you. In short, we’ll do what you need us to get your dedicated hosting environment up and running. Once everything is together, you’ll have all of the resources (CPU, RAM, SAN, etc) which are part of your dedicated system at your disposal.

With dedicated hosting solutions, you may set up your system with just about whatever hardware and software you need to support your business. Dedicated hosting solutions cost more than shared hosting solutions but offer the ultimate level of security, configuration and control.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is perfectly sized and priced for simpler websites and applications which have low resource needs. The benefit of shared hosting is that despite the lower cost, you still have the advantage of the powerful servers, network redundancy, and security provided through our datacenter. Since websites and applications which are handled via shared hosting are usually not complicated, initial setup and configuration of the hosting environment is often quite rapid.

Email Hosting

When we host your email, we provide up-to-date filtering for viruses, spam and other malware which often tries to make its way into organizations via the email system. In addition to this filtering, you will have access to a web-based email management tool to stay on top of all your accounts, including enabling and disabling individual accounts, setting up forwarding on accounts and even creating your own spam rules.

System and Data Backup and Recovery

Automated backup and recovery processes help to ensure that your data is doubly protected. Not only is it stored off-site at our datacenter, but it is backed up according to a regular schedule. Whether you suffer from a large or small disaster, Dataware staff will ensure that the recovery is performed quickly and competently--allowing you to get back to work.

• Variety of hosting platforms and databases
• Multiple levels of support
• 99.99% uptime
• 24/7 monitoring