Question What hosting platforms do you support?
Answer We provide hosting on both Windows Server (via IIS) and Linux (via Apache). We also support a number of special hosting configurations--based on what our clients need. Among the common applications which we host are WordPress, Joomla and SharePoint.
Question Do you have a list of clients that you use as business references?
Answer We do not publish a list of our clients for security reasons. However, some of our clients are willing to be used as references. If you would like to Contact Us, we should be able to provide you with additional information.
 Question What is high-availability?
 Answer High-availability means that a system is functional as close to 100% of the time as is feasible. To achieve this, one must address backup and restore functions along with data and application redundancy. High-availability often involves database clustering. In short, high-availability is a term used to describe a system which has been planned and executed in fine detail to address and remove as many points of failure as may be identified.
 Question Why is network security important?
 Answer Your company's business network often has connections to the outside world. These connections may be necessary for hosting your website or other applications or for receiving data from other companies via web services or APIs. However, these points of interaction with public networks also provide malicious users with possible points of entry into your company's network. It is critical that your network be set up with the necessary security, encryption, firewalls, etc to ensure that you minimize your risk.